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Let your investments flourish…


In the stock market, 2 plus 2 is never 4, but 5 minus 1. You just have to have the nerve to endure the minus.
André Kostolany

Protect your nerves by selling covered options and earning passive income...

  • Because time works for you

  • Because you reduce your risk

  • Because you achieve more favorable entry prices

  • Because you trade more disciplined

  • Because you create a buffer for uncertainties

  • Because you immediately receive the premium in your account

  • Because you can generate ongoing and recurring income

  • Because it improves your skills and experience in successful investing

Benefit from the experts


Learn about the diverse opportunities that the stock market and options market offer you.

OptionEarner PREMIUM
Regular information, coaching, and current notifications via email for changes in the model portfolio for 12 months.


A day seminar, available both in-person and online, on the diverse opportunities in the stock and options markets: fundamentals and current strategies, practical implementation.

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Eckart Keil has been involved in generating income from option premiums since 1983.

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